There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Part 1, Challenges

(This is the first of four somewhat-political posts, three from my inauguration experience and one from recent conversations with a Kenyan co-worker who lived near–and worked with–the President’s father.)

“There’s a new sheriff in town!” a lady shouted as I was leaving the National Mall at the conclusion of the Presidential Inauguration yesterday. And I’m confident that as the new sheriff, Barak Obama will competently enforce the will of the people. He inspires confidence. Nevertheless, this nation is far more degenerate than anyone cares to admit. Some recent evidence:

  • Walking on American flags. I saw enough of this yesterday to drive me nuts. Volunteers freely distrubuted them, then the horde waved some and cast others aside to be carelessly trampled. Maddening.
  • Disrespecting public servants. Men and women make myriad sacrifices to serve us, only to be booed and derided by them they serve. Shameful treatment was awarded President Bush, Rick Warren, and others.
  • Disregarding prayer. Both the closing poem and the closing prayer were lost in a sea of movement and conversation.
  • Overlooking the plight of pre-birth infants. Churches and church leaders enthusiastically support politicians and parties that consent to the murder of pre-birth infants, even celebrating their elections by bringing buses en masse. I struggle here and pray they celebrate in protest.
  • Trashing public places. Is it a sense of entitlement that leads many to throw their bottles and cans and papers on the ground for others to clean up? The National Mall was carpeted with their garbage.

President Obama does inspire hope. We needed a new sheriff. But the challenges that confront him are greater than any man–or any number of men–could possibly surmount. God help him.


~ by shad on January 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Part 1, Challenges”

  1. Just re-read my post. REALLY negative, huh? The inauguration was great. The energy was contagious. I had a great time. I’m glad to live in this time period and witness these events. God bless America.

  2. I can understand the frustrations that you expressed in your post, people are looking for change with the new president, and I am too! The problem is that the President cannot change the people and who they are on the inside. Hopefully we will have a strong leader who will inspire people to make some changes in themselves!
    I too, am grateful to be living in this time and place, it’s amazing to be part of history in the making. And I too will be praying for God’s blessing on America!

  3. I think it was a both a great day and a terribly sad day. It was a great day for civil rights in some ways, and a horrible day in others. The horrible part is all the unborn minority infants that will lose their lives if the Obama administration makes good on their promise to sign FOCA into law.

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