There’s a New Sheriff in Town: Part 3, Ingredients

(This is the third of four somewhat-political posts, three from my inauguration experience and one from recent conversations with a Kenyan co-worker who lived near–and worked with–the President’s father.)

Mr. Obama will begin his tenure as President with many of the advantages that Mr. Bush had–a peerless GDP and military, an enviable educational system, a well-oiled legal system, a stable political structure. Nevertheless, if my inaugural experience reveals anything, it’s that he’ll begin with two other ingredients that Mr. Bush either did not have or quickly lost.

  1. AN ENERGIZED POPULACE. As we stood in the midst of a crowded Metro station Tuesday morning, chants of “O-bam-a” broke out. People in Obama hats and scarves and shirts and buttons stood for hours in the cold of the morning, glad to partake of the Obama sensation. People are clearly energized.
  2. AN ATTENTIVE POPULACE. In contrast to this celebratory tone, a hush fell on the crowd as President Obama delivered his speech. Standing silently, people hung on every word. It was pretty amazing, really. It seems that Mr. Obama has both their energy and their attention.

And he’ll need both. I’m thankful that he exudes confidence and displays competence. He’ll need to capitalize on both this energy and this attention to meet the challenges that confront him. And we’ll pray for him.


~ by shad on January 24, 2009.

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