!Viva el Espanol!

It seems that God cares about our unique gifts and abilities more than we do. I hadn’t recognized his concern when I was happily engaging my friend Heather in all of those Sharpie battles during Mrs. Felizzi’s Spanish class. (I even purchased the oversized “Magnum” for those vicious swordfights.) And although I went on to present the gospel door-to-door in Colombia and preach in Mexico, I really hadn’t appreciated his role in preserving my ability to speak Spanish until recently.

Sitting on the front porch of my urban apartment a few months ago, I met Fernando, a really nice young guy who also rents there. And noticing the Santa Biblia (Holy Bible) in his hand, I enjoyed telling him all about our church plant in his native tongue while God helped me with vocabulary recall. And I was thankful.

Until last weekend when I found my Spanish-speaking friend loading a truck to move to a place that “cost less shop,” meaning, “is less expensive.” Bummer.

So God brought back Jose!

After a month-long vacancy, my Hispanic roommate—whom you might remember from this post about a trip to the soup kitchen—is again residing with us on the third floor. I whipped out my Spanish last night to comfort him when our neighborhood lost electric power. And today I once again dropped eaves on his Hispanic television program as it penetrated my room. God is good. I guess he likes to preserve those parts of us that might benefit his kingdom. !Viva el Espanol!


~ by shad on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “!Viva el Espanol!”

  1. muy bien senor, muy bien.

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