Hire a Husband

Many large, healthy churches have abandoned the inner cities to fend for themselves. And in the absence of direction and support, their family structures have tragically fallen into disrepair. Here in the Lehigh Valley, a movement to rebuild is afoot, but the damage is severe.

Google phrases  like “fatherless statistics” or “domestic violence” or “divorce effects” and you’ll see the crumbling basements, rickety load-bearing walls, and rotted trusses that demand repair. A generation growing up in and around these ramshackle structures builds similarly. And no lightweight renovation or feel-good paint job can correct decades of neglect.

A sign of the times, a van proclaiming “Hire a Husband” rolled through my neighborhood this week. Some enterprising handiman has responded to a legitimate need. Good for him. But the rubble of the urban family won’t be rebuilt by paid craftsmen. Rural and suburban churches must respond. Perhaps they can address their own primary concern–capturing the hearts and minds of their dispassionate children–by demonstrating Christ-like sacrifice for the tottering urban family. Wish to God they would.


~ by shad on February 27, 2009.

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