The Machine

Working for a hospital, I know machinery. And I don’t mean the high-tech diagnostic stuff. I mean the machinery. Recruiters recruit. Doctors doctor. Nurses nurse. Suppliers supply. Cleaners clean. Security secures. Accountants account. You get the picture. And the product? Quality health care.

You probably know some other machine–education, government, business, whatever. And you probably know your product. But here’s the clincher: Your machine and my machine are merely components of a larger societal machine, but nobody knows what we’re producing. Really. Ask around. People spend their days, and consequently their lives, laboring–but with no clue what it is that we’re all trying to make.

How can this be? Why keep the machine functioning? Why keep your part functioning? For a better machine? For personal pleasure? To make your part of the machine more efficient or noteworthy? To nurture the next generation of machinery components? C’mon. All this machinery for that? Pfht!


~ by shad on February 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Machine”

  1. I have to say, your tags are fantastic.

    In relation to the post itself, it made me think of a Bible Study I attended in college about the book of Ecclesiastes, in which we discussed at length that a (if not the) main theme of the book (in response to ‘meaningless, meaningless’) seems to be “enjoy the day,” not so much enjoyment by way of self-indulgence (resulting in destruction) but by way of a correct attribution of Glory, leading to a free perspective on worship, family, and God’s good gifts.

    Also on Machines:,2933,483477,00.html

  2. Thanks, Nicole. You’ll notice that I added “Ecclesiastes.” =)

    And that link was fantastic. I’m thinking, umm, don’t turn it on, please.

  3. I was going to mention Ecclesiastes as well… Actually been reading through it again recently, interestingly put into our post-modern 21st century context. I would say the answer though, would be community.

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