Hebrew for a Jewish Girlfriend

Listing the radio preachers he hears while driving his truck, one of the hospital’s delivery guys pressed me last night for more information about my master’s degree in theology. When he learned that I knew Hebrew and Greek, he made the straightforward request, “Give me a Hebrew word to impress my girlfriend. She’s Jewish.” Never one to miss an opportunity, I said, “hesed.”

Hesed. It rhymes with “blessed” if you say it in that old-school, King Jamesy way. And the “h” is guttural, like you’re clearing your throat. Hesed.

“It means faithful loyalty, a steadfast love,” I explained. “It’s the sort of relationship that God has with his people. And it’s very common in the Bible, so your girlfriend will probably recognize it. God has hesed for believers. Steadfast love.” It’s hard to tell how God will use that exchange. Apparently, Chuck Swindoll and Charles Stanley planted, and I watered. May the God of hesed bring the increase.


~ by shad on March 5, 2009.

One Response to “Hebrew for a Jewish Girlfriend”

  1. cool man. Hermaneutics of Hebrew, whatever, Shad learned it for the Hebrew pick up lines! Glad to see God is blessing your efforts (and lack of sleep).

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