New Sciontist Manifesto

God puts his passions into the hearts of his people, and in partnership, we live them out. That’s called church, and the failure of many to partner for God’s passions has led to the Western Church’s current decline.

Still, the Western Church’s best days lie ahead. As the Spirit moves His people to again partner for His passions, churches will make two obvious moves:

  1. They’ll retool for the next generation.
  2. They’ll re-engage the inner city.

New Sciontists, those who study and guide the Western church’s heir, will accompany the Spirit at the forefront of this revival. This is the New Sciontist manifesto.


2 Responses to “New Sciontist Manifesto”

  1. Shad, this is a great blog. I pray for what you are doing daily. Lemme know if I can do anything else, althogh daily prayer is pretty decent if ya can get it.
    Your BIC, Keith

  2. Hey brother, cool that you could check in on us tonight. Sounds like we both would like to see similar things break out here in the Valley….

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